Now that our new class bubbles have begun, teachers and pupils have been working hard together to establish the routines of the new class.  As a Rights Respecting School with the Gold Award, we put children's rights at the heart of our everyday practice.  Over the last two weeks each class has looked carefully at the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and this forms the core values of each Class Charter, which once completed is unique to each class.  

As a Gold RRS School we are committed to maintaining high standards for our own children, but also to trying to make a difference to those around us and in the wider global community.  Given the current situation, we must all adapt and some of our well established routines must change in order to achieve this!

Although lunchtimes are now vastly different, our Mid-Day Award Certificate has been reinstated as a way to reward pupils who exhibit good RRS behaviours towards each other.  We are obviously unable to run the VIP table but children will receive recognition on the newsletter and also a whopping TEN house points for their team which could easily be enough to tip their house into the winning spot!

A big thank you to any staff and parents who have continued to contribute to our ongoing foodbank collection.  In order to make this more accessible Mr Patterson will bring a box to the school gate every day where you will be able to leave any contributions.  In the past this was given to Extended Services.  At present they are unable to distribute, so we will now be donating to Hopeworx food hub which is accessed by various agencies that support families and children that need it most within the local community.  Any long life food items donated will be greatly appreciated.

Sadly being unable to accept visitors or gather for assemblies, we did not have our regular NSPCC visit around keeping children safe.  However later in the term we will all be watching an online assembly in our classrooms and taking part in some follow up activities.  This work is closely linked to children's rights so we are pleased that our children will not miss out on this opportunity.  Alongside this theme we will also be using some resources from Anti-Bullying week.  Children will be taught to distinguish between friendship difficulties and bullying behaviours, with plenty of opportunities for open discussion and clear guidance on how to seek help and how situations might be dealt with.

We are currently looking at ways in which we can continue our sponsorship for the Action Aid Education Programme, where we are about to begin our third year of sponsorship for Thoko in Malawi.  Sadly, as we are unable to meet cross bubbles we are currently unable to run the school council and have therefore not elected children to any of the positions of responsibility that they would normally enjoy.  However we are currently trying to think of alternative ways that we could develop new systems for pupil voice within the school.

Thank you all for your continued support in helping us teach your children about Children's Rights, so that they may flourish as responsible adults of the future who know how to safeguard themselves and those around them, and who have a good sense of global community and the fragility of our planet!

More RRS news to come before Christmas but in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me should you have specific questions about RRS in our school.

Kind regards
Mrs Yuille


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