Article of The Week - World Religion Day

Much to the disappointment of us all here we are again!  We know how tough it can be trying to balance home learning, working at home and all the other usual stresses and strains of family life.  Please remember to keep in touch with your child's teacher and we will do everything we can to support you.

On the plus side it does mean that I get to make a regular 'Article of The Week' publication taken from UNICEF and edited to suit you at home... oh... was that a cheer or a groan I heard? 😂

I will aim to publish these on Wednesdays, provided that they are available from UNICEF.  This week the presentation focuses on World Religion Day, linking to Articles 2, 14 and 30.  I've included lots of links to class clips and animated stories from different religions, which I find the children really enjoy in class.  There is also an interactive map and a creative design task if you are inspired to take the challenge.

Be kind to yourself please.  Have a look at the slides and then go and make yourself a tea or coffee and take a break whilst your child enjoys the stories.  I'm sure you have all earned it working hard trying to navigate the home learning since the start of this term.

Best wishes to you all
Mrs Yuille 

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