RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Get ready... as this weekend sees the return of The Big Garden Bird Watch, by the RSPB.  Can you spare one hour anytime between 29th and 31st January to sit and watch the birds in your garden, carefully taking note of what you see and then sharing your data with the RSPB?  You can do this in the warm looking through your window, or you can don your hats, scarves, gloves and any other layers to hand and brave the elements.  The more of us that take part, the clearer research picture the RSPB will have:

To get ready for your bird spotting you can take a look at the bird identifier sheet here and even listen to the different bird song here to help you identify them.  If you want to find out more go to RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch.  There is even a quiz where you can answer some questions to find out which type of garden bird you would be.  Apparently Mrs O'Connor and myself are both Blackbirds, but I'm not sure we can sing as beautifully as them!  Above all, enjoy the wonder of the natural environment around you this weekend. 

A29:  Education should teach children how to care for the environment.

Best wishes
Mrs Yuille

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